The Vegetarian Paradise…


An Eaters Paradise

Let’s be honest, when it comes to a buffet, there are usually three kinds of eaters; the controlled eater, the splurger, and the questioner. The controlled eater comes to the buffet and perfectly plates all the items; half greens, a quarter fats, a quarter carbohydrates, one dessert. The splurger like myself, piles each plate with the goal to try every single item. Then there is the questioner who chimes in with the ever so frightening question, “Is this vegan, is this gluten free, is there meat in this?

Casablanca, recently named the # 1 Best Buffet in Milwaukee caters to all three. The buffet is 6 out of 7 days of the week one hundred percent vegetarian. Which means, no more asking, “Is their meat in this”. Each item is perfectly named giving you the freedom to know exactly what you are putting on your plate, plus learning the names of some of the most delicious middle eastern foods such as baba ganoush and Harissa.

The design of the buffet allows plate control effortlessly. With the fresh greens, various middle eastern salads, dressings, and seasoning, it is 100% guaranteed that you get fresh greens, while indulging  in HEALTHY steaming courses that transcend from your right to your left. The food is also a guilt free palace for those New Year’s resolutions. From steamed carrots, baked cauliflower, and Hummus, there is no problem in piling the plate a little more for us Splurgers. Plus, the desert section is not one to pass up.

Whether you are a controlled eater, a splurger, or a questioner, Casablanca is a restaurant that delivers satisfaction for all the diverse customers who stream through the White Castle. With friendly staff, a warm inviting atmosphere, and a buffet sure to make you leave happy, why not come and enjoy some down time? We know you’ve earned it. 

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